Ladies Cowboy Boots

Ladies cowboy boots are no longer just for working in. They have become quite the fashion statement, and are even somewhat of a status symbol in certain crowds. Although cowboy boots are often associated with a country lifestyle, more and more women in every city are sporting the western footwear. Cowboy boots for women come in a wide variety of leathers, skins, colors, and styles. Whether you have a full boot collection or are considering buying your first pair, there are plenty of options when it comes to cowboy boots.

Most traditional ladies cowboy boots are made from full grain leather and then stitched with intricate designs. Basic cowboy boots are great for working in because they are made from soft leathers that form to your feet. Another popular material for functional boots is snakeskin. Snakeskin boots are easy to maintain and have a shiny appearance that is both beautiful and durable. There are also mixed material boots. These are a great option if you can’t decide between leather or other skins.

Ladies Cowboy Boots

Many stores are now selling variations on cowboy boots that are both functional and fashion forward. Short top boots are great if you want the boot look, but don’t need the full protection of a conventional cowboy boot. There are also high top cowboy boots. These are spectacular for riding in, but have also recently become popular in the fashion world. Both styles are extremely comfortable and easy to find online and in retail stores.

High Fashion in Ladies Cowboy Boots

If you want to stand out from the crowd then there are even more options for you to choose from when it comes to ladies cowboy boots. High heeled boots are a fun way to add a western flare to any fashion style. Some stores even offer stiletto heeled cowboy boots with rhinestone embellishments. Of course, these aren’t the type of boots you wear around the farm, but they look amazing when you’re spending a night out on the town.

Some of the most eye catching boots are made of exotic skins and leathers. Most people have heard of alligator or crocodile boots, but there are some even more unique and stunning boots out there. Today you can purchase ladies cowboy boots made from hippo, eel, or even kangaroo leather. Lizard skin cowboy boots are also in high demand because of the tiny details that run throughout the scales. Ostrich is perhaps the most distinct leather that women’s boots can be made from. It has an instantly recognizable pattern and is quickly becoming very popular.

Cowboy boots are a great addition to any wardrobe. They are perfect for every woman because they can be dressed up or worn casually. Wearing exotic or rhinestone studded boots is a great way to bring some modern western style into your shoe collection, or you can stick to the basics with a gorgeous pair of distressed leather boots. Any way you look at it, ladies cowboy boots are becoming a fashion staple, and are here to stay.